Expo hall – Web 2.0 Expo Berlin

Of all the speakers (among them Tim O’Reilly and Martin Varsavsky) the only panel to note was the one by Leisa Reichelt, “Redesigning drupal.org”.

Drupal.org is the community site of the opensource CMS and social networking software Drupal. The site has 720.000 unique visitors, 300.000 users, 300 new users per day.

The discussion focused on how to redesign the home of such an active, engaged community and, in general, how do we design in an open source way.

Design by and with the community

  • recruiting participation with Google Apps forms
  • openly blogging the process and asking questions
  • engaging with existing community infrastructure
  • crowdsourcing design (wireframes) – eg a flickr group where to put wireframes
  • online card sorting (information architecture)
  • recruit more participation (search.twitter.com)
  • lightweight communication with community via twitter
  • knowledge sharing and empowering – wiki – crowdsourcing usability testing
  • rapid, iterative, rapid prototyiping