Conclusions – Web 2.0 Expo Berlin

This will be my last post regarding this year’s Web 2.0 Expo, of which i attended the first 2 of 3 days. It’s time for conclusions and votes, but also for some quotes that didn’t fit in my previous posts.


I don’t believe in markets – Martin Varsavsky

In today’s scenario I could not have started Fon  – Martin Varsavsky

There are times when markets are prepared to give entrepreneurs ridiculous money and times when their refusals are ridiculous  – Martin Varsavsky

In America many users of Fon are bills, while in Japan they are linuses. That’s because Americans want to earn money, Japanese like to give something to others  – Martin Varsavsky

Developing an interaction audit for Ebay was not like following a strict blueprint – Josh Damon Williams

Adobe AIR sucks! – Alex Stamos (Actually he didn’t tell that, but this is a good summary)

If you do the right thing, it’ll come back to you – Yossi Vardi

“What’s the secret of you success?” “Luck” – Yossi Vardi to Tim O’Reilly

Create more value than you capture – Tim O’Reilly

Great challenges equals great opportunities – Tim O’Reilly

A victory small enough to be organized is too small to be decisive – Eliot Janeway cited by Tim O’Reilly

Business plans and sausages have one thing in common: only those who don’t know how they are made are willing to eat them – Yossi Vardi

Let your web application free for all but one customer. The one that will buy your company – Yossi Vardi

Plus and minuses

On the plus side:

  • Organization
  • Physical space (except for lunch)
  • Location
  • Quality of speeches
  • Affordable wireless connection


  • Lunch
  • Some promising speeches were cancelled
  • Networking site (Crowdvine)

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7 pensieri su “Conclusions – Web 2.0 Expo Berlin

  1. @PM Hut – I liked the ideas expressed by Leisa Reichet in “Collaboraton Tecniques that Reall Work”. They were focused on the work of designers, but I think that many can applied to Project Management as well.

  2. glen fleishmann told us about price ricing of fon up to 5 EUR/USD. i think that is because of the credit crisis . i didnt realize till now that in Japan Bills are inexistent. so japanese foneros were never able to make a choice between bill or linus. but martin varsavsky seems to deem us all in berlin expo 2.o when telling us that japanese all are altruistic sharers “In America many users of Fon are bills, while in Japan they are linuses. That’s because Americans want to earn money, Japanese like to give something to others – Martin Varsavsky”, as you wrote. thats obvious untrue. in japan they obviously dont have any chance to become a bill. varsavsky takes it all :) – i dont like fon any longer telling us pure tales

  3. I really can’t understood who is commit to grow a comunity whitout a business model. For this reason I hope I didn’t understand the last quote of Yossi Vardi. It is for who wants to go out of business or loves the crunchs. How can a entrepreneur builds a business on the only hope someone will buy it? Only one in a million succeed this way and the others 999.999?

  4. Ciao Antonio, ho seguito – in differita – la tua “cronaca selezionata” da Berlino, molto utile per chi non era presente, grazie!

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