Collaboration Techniques that Really Work – Web 2.0 Expo Berlin

Leisa Reichet in her workshop (of which i lost the first 30 minutes) talked about ways to improve productivity while planning a new web experience.

Nothing new, but it was a good idea splitting the attendands in several group and ask them to work together.

Even if the workshop lasted for 3 hours, however, many arguments where just drafted.

Some notes taken while not brainstorming with my group:

  • build collaboration into your project methodology – collaborate with your project team
  • collaborate with your peers (people who do the same thing as you) and invite other expert perspectives
  • consider wildcard collaborators (not necessarily part of ur team) that has other perspectives

When to collaborate

  • at the beginning
  • not just at the beginning
  • when you’re stuck (trouble shooting / problem solving) – narrow focus

Collaboration tools

  • people (the right ones)
  • sticky notes & market pens
  • whiteboards/flip charts
  • fun stuff (stimulus)
  • sugar (if it’s afternoon)
  • an objective
  • tecniques
Leisa ReicheltLeisa Reichelt
Freelance user experience consultant specialising in collaborative and guerilla user centred design and with a particular interest in designing for (and with!) communities.